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Lower Tualatin River Walk

May 21, 2017  •  4 Comments

Several years ago I got a brief glance at what I thought might be a pair of Harlequin Duck 300 meters upstream from the confluence of the Tualatin and Willamette Rivers.  A year later, Noah Strycker reported the species a short distance below the spillway of Henry Hagg Lake - the headwaters of the Tualatin River located approximately 83 (river miles) west. 

So, every spring I bird the short quarter-mile path along the eastern edge of the lower Tualatin River in search of the improbable.

This is a report of a few enjoyable morning walks along that path.  Highlights include (what I think) is an under appreciated persistent colony of nesting Cliff Swallow, a perfectly photographable Bushtit nest, and the fact that our dog Remy is becoming a very good bird-watching companion.  

Location of my ghost (Harlequin Duck) sighting:

Bushtit (female): Bushtit (male): I had a hard time understanding how both parents could be in the small nest at the same time: Song Sparrow - one of the most abundant species in Oregon, with not often seen off-spring (get that?) 


jack williamson
Paste these coordinates into Google Maps for the location of the trailhead 45.339267, -122.653506
Diane Trainer(non-registered)
Where do you find this river walk entrance? Thank you!
Bill Evans(non-registered)
I agree that some dogs can be perfect companions for birding. I've had a couple of 'em.
I've seen some dogs that are not compatible as well.
Bob Archer(non-registered)
I passed a group of birders on Rentenaar once, overheard one say that he could not possibly see how one can bird with a dog. I pity such lack of understanding ! :)
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