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Blooms and Birds

May 06, 2017  •  4 Comments

Camassia Natural Area is one of my favorite local birding patches in the spring.  Amazingly, I had the place to myself this morning for almost four hours before throngs of people began showing up on the trails to take in the bloom.  The large number of passerines was astonishing.  The best birds of the day were a flycatcher wagging its tail downward which I reported it as an Empidonax sp. in my eBird report with a note that I believed it might be a Gray Flycatcher, an Olive-sided Flycatcher, and a Cooper's Hawk that landed on top of a nest cavity briefly pinning a Northern Flicker inside.  The flicker escaped when the hawk jumped to a nearby branch.

 Empidonax sp. (was told the greenish back and oblong eye ring are field marks of the Pacific Slope Flycatcher):

Vaux's Swift: Orange-crowned Warbler: Black-throated Gray Warbler: Nashville Warbler: Wilson's Warbler:

Warbling Vireo (they seemed to be everywhere):

Townsend's Warbler:

Yellow-rumped (Audubon's) Warbler:

Camas Lily (the star of the show): Anna's Humming Bird (on territory):

Northern Flicker:

Cooper's Hawk:

Western Tanager:

Then the sky turned dark again:

Osprey on nest:

An interesting bird, but one that does not get my vote for the state bird of Oregon:  It looks like someone installed a nest cam: Olive-sided Flycatcher:


Barbara Dolan(non-registered)
Great pics of a beautiful park. Love that your birds are surrounded by the foliage and setting which gives depth to your pics. Thanks much for these.
Bob Archer(non-registered)
Great photos as always.
Scott O'Donnell(non-registered)
Everyone else's loss too! Really great photo collection.
Jill Williamson(non-registered)
What a beautiful morning! WOW....Perfect pictures sweetie! I guess I should have not been such a sleepy head and rolled out of bed to go with you. My loss, darn it!
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