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Day of the Snipe

May 29, 2017  •  2 Comments

We stumbled upon a Wilson's Snipe nest last year at Ryan Ranch Wetland, and this morning ten pairs of Wilson's Snipe stumble upon me and my dog Remy as we walked through Big Meadow near Phalarope Lake on Black Butte Ranch. We were treated to a wide array of vocal and non-vocal sounds, and near the end of our walk, we were astonished when a couple (walking their two golden retrievers) pointed out two chicks walking toward us out of very low cover.  Before the encounter ended, one of the chicks literally walked into my lap while Remy kept a close watch.  Not having a clue of the right thing to do, I picked up the chick and placed it in the deep grass with its sibling, then we all walked away and waited for the parents to take over care about 10 minutes later.  

Winnowing flights: Parents in cover and chicks walking out:


George Mason(non-registered)
He is sooo cute!
Les Colburn(non-registered)
Great shots. Isn't birding fun. Saw my first Snipe chicks out at Ridgefield when the water level was so low two years ago. Thanks so much for sharing the wonderful photos you take.
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