Online Resources we find helpful to finding birds in Oregon:

Birding Location Guides:

  • East Cascades Audubon Society

    • Birding Locations in Oregon   A well organized register of birding hotspots in Oregon; includes the GPS coordinates and a list of expected species for each location.  A great resource for anyone birding c. or e. Oregon.

  • Oregon Coast Birding Trails   Co-sponsored by the Oregon Coast Visitors Association & U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service; includes high-quality (printable) documents of birding locations from the north coast of Oregon, south to the California Redwoods.   

  • Tim Blount's   An outstanding blog about birding in Harney County!  

  • Dawn Villaescusa's Doing for Tillamook Count as Tim Blount does for Harney County!

  • Pacific Northwest eBird Portal Content-focused for birders of the Pacific Northwest

  • Not A Location Guide - but very handy if you want to stay out of trouble Oregon Public Lands zoom in on any spot then mouse over the area and the ownership information pops up.

Oregon Bird Records Committee:

Discussion Forums (primarily email list serves):

Resources for Beginning Birdwatchers:

  • A Begginner's Guide to Birdwatching This link is provided with thanks to a middle school boy from Compton, California, who we hope to meet one day in the field. We agree with your conclusion Tanner,  the information on this website is helpful to beginning birdwatchers.  Thank you for the recommendation!
  • Neotropical Migratory Bird Basics A great primer on migratory birds of the Western Hemisphere, including a table showing typical distances traveled by many species during migration.