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Mike Patterson's Godwit-palooza

June 03, 2017  •  1 Comment

We were fortunate to find eleven Bar-tailed Godwit along with one Marbled Godwit yesterday afternoon on Sunset Beach.  

A news article on the topic is here: http://www.dailyastorian.com/Local_News/20170602/shorebirds-make-rare-spring-appearance-on-north-coast.

I am hopeful that much more will be written about the unprecedented numbers of these wayward shorebirds showing up on the northern coast of Oregon. 

The larger Marbled Godwit picking on the smaller Bar-tailed Godwit:

Caspian Tern: Whimbrel: Sanderling: Who said birding is not competitive :-)


Lori Langston(non-registered)
Amazing photos as always. Bet Jilly had a great time tagging along on this palooza!
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