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a Special Occasion

November 14, 2015  •  1 Comment

"In my view, a "good bird" is one that even a resident birder would get excited about finding...a species that one might expect to encounter only once or twice every few years of active birding."  Irons, David. "Birding News | #birdingnews via @aba." Birding News | #birdingnews via @aba. N.p., n.d. Web. 14 Nov. 2015.

By that standard, I am comfortable describing the simultaneous appearance of two "Very rare" birds within a few hundred yards of each other on the Oregon Coast as a SPECIAL OCCASION. Very rare birds are defined in (Marshall, David B., Matthew G. Hunter, and Alan Contreras. Birds of Oregon: A General Reference. Corvallis Or.: Oregon State UP, 2006. Print.) as "No more (observations) than 1 per day or 1 per season."

According to my reading of the history books, the DICKCISSEL and the NORTHERN MOCKINGBIRD have never been observed in the same location in Oregon before this season.



INTERACTIVE MAP OF THE SPIT - Blue marker: Northern Mockingbird, Yellow: Dickcissel


Doug Robinson(non-registered)
Nice work, Jack! Wish I could get such good focus. It's the simple things....

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