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A Moment Worth Sharing

April 11, 2016  •  6 Comments

Every once in a while you witness something that is worth immediately sharing with others regardless of the (plan) to include the event as part of a larger experience you would write about later.

I spent an extravagant amount of time today monitoring one of three owl nests that I began watching earlier this year in an attempt to ward off the winter birding doldrums and other life challenges.  

The ever-watchful mother of this particular nest turned out to be the most interesting subject matter of the moment as she shared part of her daily routine with me.

GREAT HORNED OWL - female monitoring her nestlings, soon to be fledglings:

I hope to provide a step-by-step account of the kids maturation - they are, of course, extremely cute.


jack williamson

Thank you for the comment.

In the context of regularly checking on the evolution of this nest which is over an hour away from my home, the definition of a moment has changed for me from a (very brief period of time) to the duration of any single visit.

Very best regards,
Charlotte Hottmann(non-registered)
I appreciate your ability to see the extraordinary in an otherwise ordinary day in the life of a mother.
Pamela Johnston(non-registered)
Those spread toes! I've seen a GHOW scratching its face with one foot (using talons for ordinary grooming!) and noted how big of the feathery feet are, but had never seen their underside. Built for good gripping. As ever, beautiful clear pictures.
Jill Williamson(non-registered)
Jack, I am with Lori, thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures and for seeing the amazing day and the spectacular owl before you. Many don't know how to how to stop and appreciate the wonder of nature in it's simplicity. There is no show, just joy in observation...being. Again, thank you Jack.
Grateful you have this diversion during a most challenging time, Jack. Thinking of you….
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