jack williamson | Uncommon looks at a family of a common species - Killdeer

Uncommon looks at a family of a common species - Killdeer

May 21, 2016  •  2 Comments

We enjoyed watching the interaction between a pair of adult Killdeer and their fledglings today, and I had to laugh out loud when it became clear who was in charge of keeping the kids warm - needless to say, it wasn't either of the parents. The chicks take matters into their own hands when the time comes to escape the elements.  We hope you enjoy this post.

How many birds do you find in the picture below?

The answer surprised me.

Below is a clip of the chicks and then the adults presenting the "broken-wing" display.

Mind you, there were about a dozen people walking through the area tending their community garden plots at the time. It was interesting to me that the gardners paid little to no attention to the birds - it's probably why they thrive here. I am wondering if non-meddling humans may act as a buffer against natural predators. 

Back to the stars of the show:



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Terrific post Harry. Thanks for reminding us of the beauty of Killdeers.
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