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We Call it the Millican Lek Loop

April 04, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Sisters to Millican, then back home through Alfalfa  

We enjoyed seeing the brief lunar eclipse that occurred this morning on the way to the Millican Lek. I did not have the presence of mind to stop for a photograph because I spent the entire 4-5 minutes of its appearance trying to figure out what was happening rather than just pulling over and snapping pictures at the highest number of frames per second that my camera is capable of until the show was over.  My hope is that someone in the area (with the initials of KK) was on top of this event and will share his images of this lunar eclipse with us.

Nevertheless - 19 frisky GREATER SAGE-GROUSE put on a great show for us before we left the lek to look for raptors near Alfalfa. 

The least surprising find [ ;-) ] was two SAY'S PHOEBE on County Line Road that appeared out of nowhere while were watched perhaps the most interesting encounter of the day - one ordinary plumaged Red-tailed Hawk building a nest with a Dark-morphed partner.  It would be interesting to observe their offspring. 

It's not the eclipse - but it was what the moon looked like when we arrived at the lek:

County Line Road Images:

So goes the morphology of the most abundant species of hawk in n. America


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