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Tyler Cook(non-registered)
Hi Jack,
It has been great learning about your interests--I look forward to many meaningful conversations!
Mikal Stampke(non-registered)
Hi Jack,
I loved the picture of the Keiger George. As a kid we used to drop down and walk out along the stream. I have seen some huge mulies in there.
Laurie Luoma(non-registered)
Hi Jack, I met you at Lost Lake this summer. We were both taking pics of that mysterious hole where all the water disappears. You were right. the Lake did completely dry up this summer for the first time.
Aliza Earnshaw(non-registered)
Just cruised here and really love your photos. What a fabulous collection. Some of these are just so vivid, like the flock of white-faced ibis; the red-headed bird flying with an acorn in its mouth; the owl staring through leaves....too many splendid examples to list.
Chris Sanborn(non-registered)
All of your photos are awesome -- and I do mean awe-inspiring! It's hard enough catching a great shot of a bird on a branch, let alone in full flight -- but every one of these photos is award-worthy. And this website/blog layout is very well done, too, an enjoyable way to spend some "birdwatching" time. Thanks for sharing your world with the rest of us -- I'm looking forward to seeing more great Oregon sights this year!
Nels Nelson(non-registered)
Great spending some time with you today at TNWR. Looking forward to your Black Phoebe photos.
John Allen(non-registered)
Those are the best bird photos I've ever seen. Keep doing what you're doing. Fantastic.
greg haworth(non-registered)
just love this photoblog layout Jack! Nice move, and i'm looking forward to you fleshing it out.
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