TNWR: Cassin's Vireo - Virginia Rail - Western Screech Owl

June 11, 2017  •  2 Comments

I spent a few hours this morning birding the Tualatin National Wildlife Refuge.  Highlights of my visit include good views of two Cassin's Vireo trading off incubation duties on a nest conveniently located just above the trail, close unobstructed views of an adult Virginia Rail with five chicks, and of course the perennial Western Screech Owl in the well-known cavity with at least one nestling.

Cassin's Vireo:

Virginia Rail:

Western Screech Owl(s):


Lori Langston(non-registered)
Nat Geo is looking for you! I love the 4th shot of screech intense. Keep the photos coming!
Bill, Mr.(non-registered)
Every one of those are really great. Thank you for sharing those photos and videos.
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