Three Golden Eagle on Carrion in the c. Cascades in Oregon February 2015

February 22, 2015  •  2 Comments

Cheron Ferland posted an interesting email to Oregon BIrders Online about trail camera footage of GOLDEN EAGLE on carrion west of the summit of the cascade range east of Eugene, Oregon on February, 21st 2015. It is a remarkable finding in my opinion. Sightings of individual Golden Eagle west of the summit of the Cascades in Oregon are becoming common. But three birds together at a (relatively) high elevation in the Cascade Range, at this time of year, seemed like it might deserve further discussion.

The area in Oregon where the video and images were filmed :

The Cougar thought to be responsible for the kill, otherwise named "Good Kitty".



Aliza Earnshaw(non-registered)
Such a dramatic post....the gradual disappearance of the corpse, with multiple animals eating from it.
Linda Fink(non-registered)
Wow! Just saw this post. Thanks so much for sharing! Golden eagles and a cougar... wow.
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