Spotted Owl Adventure - Still Alive

February 15, 2015  •  1 Comment

A two mile hike today through moderately steep terrain at the 2000 ft elevation level in the cascades has breathed new life into my dream of self-locating a nesting pair of Spotted Owl. A search of approximately 35 acres produced the exciting number of (five) suitable nesting platforms in an area that meets most, if not all, of the known habitat criteria of the species. 

This is the time of year Spotted Owl begin pairing up and roosting near nest sites which are thought to be selected by the males. I hoped of course to find just that - but I did not.    

I am nonetheless very excited about the possibilities of good things unfolding in this area over the next three to four months. I took pictures of the first two nesting platforms that I encountered to study them at home to make sure that I am not chasing windmills. Based on what I am seeing in the photos - I believe all five platforms are good candidates for nests this year. 

The thought of being able to narrow my focus to an area of less than 100 acres at this point in the adventure is a phenomenal by-product of today's outing. 

I may strike out, but I am happy that I am taking a swing . . . 

Four Images - NO BIRDS:

The (30 acre) area of today's focus with my track embedded:

The View up from the Stream Bed at the Bottom:

Two of Five Nest Platforms Located:

Your comments will be greatly appreciated!


Bob Archer(non-registered)
Fun idea, good luck with the project. I might try and find my own 100 acre patch..
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