A Walk in the Park - Two Common Wren and a New Acquaintance

February 11, 2015  •  4 Comments

This afternoon I walked through a section of Cook Park in Tigard, Oregon that I'd not seen before today. I went to the park to look for the Western Screech-Owl that I'd located there last year at about this same time of year, but I decided at the last minute to change directions and explore something new. I am glad I did. I got good looks at two common wren, and I met Nicholas (the dog) and his master who kindly walked us (all) to a recently observed roost of a large owl. The most interesting thing about the roost site was the gray, long haired mammal sleeping peacefully in the cavity about 15 feet above the ground. Your thoughts about the identity of the gray haired cavity dweller will be much appreciated.

At the end of the walk, I enjoyed being reacquainted with the small rookery of Great Blue Heron a hundred feet up in a double-topped pine tree located near one of the most well used trails in the park.  

As always, we hope you enjoy the pictures,

The feisty PACIFIC WREN:

The somewhat more timid, yet nonetheless showy - BEWICK'S WREN:

The Cavity Dweller:

The Raucous Rookery:

Given the broad mix of limbs recently blown down, I was surprised to find the Great Blue Heron were only interested in gathering fir boughs they were able to break off from nearby trees. 

Interactive Map of Cook Park:


Chris Sanborn(non-registered)
Wonderful wren and heron images, Jack -- you've captured the wrens' personalities, the heron is unexpectedly colorful against the trees, and the inflight shot is (to me) very unusual. I always enjoy your photography and descriptions. Thanks!
Matthew Olson(non-registered)
Love the wren photos! Your blog is always inspiring me to check out new places!
Lori Langston(non-registered)
Love the heron! So I guess the tree dweller is some kind of squirrel?
greg haworth(non-registered)
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