Memorial Day Weekend 2013

May 29, 2013  •  3 Comments

A wonderful weekend with friends and family. One and a half days of nice weather followed by 48 hours of drenching rain and gusting winds. You can't ask for a better combination to start and finish a long weekend, especially when you are with people you care about. . . . . That is of course unless you are a birding enthusiast, in which case you would have to confess, as I do, to having a problem getting in just one good day of birding out of three.

Jill is trying to find a room for me at one of the local BBB (Birders Beyond Boundaries) treatment centers - she thinks I need help overcoming my fear of missing too much of this spring's migration.

With that said - we owe huge thanks to Bob & Judith Bender for making possible most of the pictures below.  The American Dipper chicks are our favorites from the weekend. We could not ask for a nicer couple to bird with - Bob and Judith are excellent docents and even better hosts.  

Western Kingbird:

Western Kingbird

Rufous Hummingbird:

Rufous Hummingbird A pair of Black-headed Grosbeak:

Black-headed Grosbeak

Golden-mantled Ground Squirrel:

Golden-mantled Ground Squirrel

American Dipper chicks in action:

Swallowtail butterfly:

Swallowtail butterfly

The Dusky Flycatcher below stayed put, repeating its three phrased song: "sibpip, jijurree, psweee!, again and again for at least a half hour.  An uncommon opportunity to immerse myself in the real-life song of this species:

Lastly, and fittingly, a memorable Red-winged Blackbird that

Jill's father (Sam) and I came across during our walk through Camp Polk Meadow:

Red-winged Blackbird


Judith Bender(non-registered)
Great photos Jack, and now I know how you get them! Lots of fun sharing our cabin with you and Jill--let's do it again some time
Judith and Bob
Patti Truhn(non-registered)
I so enjoy your photos... thank you for letting us view them...
Super fun photos Jack. The Dipper chicks are my favorites too, but as usual I enjoy all your photos that you choose to post - especially the light - the bright light makes the images jump out at the viewer.
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